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Cyprus Citizenship


As of September 2016, the Cyprus Government has revised the criteria for granting Cypriot Citizenship by Exception, creating a unique opportunity to Investors obtain the Cyprus (EU) Passport by investing in immovable property in Cyprus.

Schemes for obtaining Cyprus Citizenship

  1. Investing in Real Estate, Land Development and Infrastructure Projects

The Applicant must purchase a property worth at least €2 million (plus VAT) or invest the equivalent sum in the construction of land development projects (residential or commercial, or developments in the tourism industry), or other infrastructure projects.

Investing in construction projects which are under development is permitted, provided that an investment plan for the development of the acquired land is included with the application.

  1. Investing in Financial Assets of Cyprus Companies or Cyprus Organizations

The Applicant must invest at least €2 million in companies or organizations established and operating in the Republic of Cyprus. These funds can only be utilized towards investments made exclusively in Cyprus based on a specific investment plan, i.e. for the construction and/or development of a specific real estate construction project.


  • The Applicant must own a permanent residence in the Republic of Cyprus, with the purchase price paid for the property being €500,000 plus VAT or more.
  • The Applicant must have a clean criminal record.
  • The Applicant must hold a valid residence permit in Cyprus (or submit an application at the same time as the application of Naturalization as a Cyprus citizen).

Take advantage of the Cyprus Citizenship Benefits Now

    Benefits of acquiring Cyprus Citizenship

    Quick and Easy Procedure

    • The passport is issued within 3 months from the date of submission of the application.
    • No requirement to reside in Cyprus.
    • Dual citizenship permitted and not reported to other countries.
    • Cyprus passport can also be issued to Investor’s spouse and financially dependent children (up to the age of 28).

    Financial return on Investment

    • Large selection of high-yield investment opportunities with great rental return.
    • Large selection of innovative and luxurious properties.

    Sought-after way of Life

    • Large selection of high-yield investment opportunities with great rental return.
    • Free healthcare in public hospitals in Cyprus.
    • Year-round sunny weather.
    • Award-winning beaches.
    • Remarkable nightlife and selection of restaurants.
    • Cosmopolitan Island with a high number of foreign citizens residing in Cyprus.
    • Low crime level.
    • Exceptional quality of schools.

    European Union Benefits

    • Ability to move capital within the EU.
    • Cyprus driving license can be used in other EU Member States.
    • Benefit from the EU Health Insurance Card.
    • European Union fees for study applied.

    Tax Benefits for Cyprus Residents

    An individual is considered tax resident according to their country of residency and domicile status.

    • Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates in the EU (12.5%).
    • Zero Wealth, Gift, Inheritance Tax and Estate Duty.
    • Progressive personal tax rates from 20% to 35%.
    • Personal tax free allowance of €19,500.
    • Lump sum received as retirement gratuity exempt from taxation.
    • Profits from disposal of securities exempt from taxation.
    • Low tax rate of 5% imposed on pension received from other countries (tax free allowance of €3,420).
    • Zero Capital Gains Tax imposed on the disposal of immovable property located abroad.

    Hassle-free Travel

    • No visa restrictions for more than 150 countries.
    • Ability to travel, live and work within the EU without the need to obtain a Visa.
    • Easy to obtain a Visa to travel to non-EU Member States.